About Us

Our Vision
To make a difference in healthcare delivery
Our Story

Cygnia came into existence on 1st July 2020. This is the dream of a healthcare professional, a nurse in particular to share relevant solutions with healthcare partners and hospitals.
Today Cygnia has a backup of over 40 years of experience in clinical care, administration and training.
Cygnia looks forward to building its team to deliver solutions that are current and evidence based.
Exclusive experience of experiential training including high fidelity simulation gives us the edge to come up with creative learning solutions for healthcare students and professionals, especially nurses.
We will bring together the masterminds of different healthcare domains to nurture future leaders and will always have patient centricity and safety at its core.
We have an exclusive experience of online training that is immersive and interactive. We will also collaborate with all specialists and domain experts to popularize, create technology solutions which can pave the path to cost effective care in hospitals.
We bring our confidence from training over 8000 healthcare professionals with over 600 nurse leaders.
We have experience of consulting for commissioning of nursing departments and capacity building of nursing teams. Consulting is always immersive with us, working with our clients to develop and execute sustainable processes. We achieve this through developing relevant manuals, SOPs, forms and tools.

Our Mission
To influence patient centric safe care through collaborative capability building. To deliver high quality solutions which are cost efficient to our clients.
01.Patient Safety & Centricity

All our solutions will have patients at the core.

02.Capability Building

Build future leaders who are team centric.


Work with our clients and partners to create relevant solutions.

04.Cost Efficient

We understand the need for result oriented profitable solutions.

Training Hours
Leaders Developed
Consulting Hours
Designing Tools
Our Values
Our values are in line with our extensive experience in healthcare, especially dealing with patients and families. We also relate to healthcare professionals who are the core strength of any healthcare delivery system.
01.Act with Integrity

We are honest, transparent and committed to doing what is best for our customers and our team.


We ensure success through shared goals and mutual support.

03.Customer Centricity

Our customer is our top priority and everyday we are focused on making their experience better.


We are always pushing the envelope to be more creative in finding modern solutions and striving to be better.

Lead with why

We understand that any organization needs more of "Why" to get sustainable changes in behavior.

Less but better

We understand that the P&L statements need to be balanced to optimize resources to best patient experience and outcomes.

Human centered

We believe healthcare is a human centered industry. The care givers and care receivers need to be in focus for all interventions.

Vision is always beyond reach. It propels me to get better after achieving each milestone. This is not yet my destination.

I have a dream. A dream to make a difference to patient care through empowering partnerships. A partnership with those who care to make patient care safer by influencing those who care.
"Search Ends When Sharing Starts"
Every solution need not be fancy as long as it addresses the right problem.

Thankam Gomez From the CEO's desk